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Samuel Nuuyoma

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia to the Federative Republic of Brazil and South America.

Namibia, since the attainment of its independence on 21 March 1990, is a politically stable country, located south-west of the African continent, bordering Angola to the north, South Africa to the south, Botswana to east and Zambia and Zimbabwe to the north-east. To its west, lies the Atlantic Ocean. Windhoekis the administrative, judicial and legislative capital.

Political stability and a flourishing democracy are the benchmarks of the country’s successful transition from apartheid-colonialism. The 21 years of peace, stability and progress has enabled the Government of the Republic of Namibia to focus on trade, investments and other socio-economic challenges and, developments with as many partners, the world over.

Brazil as the main base for South America was purposefully identified as the springboard for such a focus – this being the main driver for the Republic of Namibia’s lust for economic prosperity, poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Our country’s long-term development blue-print – Vision 2030 – projects Namibia as an industrialized nation by the year 2030.

Conversely, I humbly call upon all prospective investors, especially in the Federative Republic of Brazil and the rest of South America to invest in the following sectors in the country often described as “Africa’s optimist”, and with good reason:

The Mining Sector

Mining is the backbone of the economy of the Republic of Namibia and contributes more than 10% to the country’s GDP and this is expected to be measured at approximately 12% for the years 2010/11. Namibia has extensive mineral deposits. Its diamonds and uranium are world-class, as are its gold, copper, lead, zinc and other base-metals, a wide variety of semi-precious dimension stones. Value-addition is encouraged in the refining of base-metals and other minerals, such as manganese, processing of marble and granite, cutting and polishing of precious and semi-precious stones. Good prospects exist in the development of the jewellery industry. And recent geo-physical surveys are also indicative of good prospects for oil and gas exploration.

The Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is key to food security and the Republic of Namibia’s “Green Scheme” offers attractive incentives to potential investors. Crucial sectors for investments in the “Green Scheme” are maize millet and cereal production; fruit and leguminous, vegetation production; animal husbandry; poultry and chicken farming, etcetera. Investment opportunities also exist in value-addition and local processing of livestock, ostrich farming, crop and food processing. Similarly, good prospects exists for extensive horticulture, for example olive oil, jojoba and cut flowers. Grape and date plantations are a proven success, especially given the country’s seasonal advantages.

The Fishing Sector

Namibia’s rich fishing grounds, with stocks of both pelagic and demersal species, place it amongst the top 10 nations in the international fishing industry. Its marine resources are amongst the richest in the world and the fishing grounds are pollution-free. The nutrient-rich waters of the Benguela current produce numerous commercially important species of fish and shell-fish. A host of opportunity also exists in value-addition activities and mari-culture. In fresh water, there is the potential for tilapia, catfish and tigerfish. Well developed fishing infrastructures exist at Walvis Bay, the main Port of Namibia and Luderitz, including excellent tourism and leisure infrastructures for diversification initiatives.

The tourism and travel Sector

Tourism and travel is an important and fast growing sector and it accounts for one-third of the Republic of Namibia’s GDP. Foreign direct investments are encouraged in leisure tourism, hospitality and accommodation, including eco-tourism. The World-renowned Etosha National Park, which recently celebrated 100 years of its existence, surrounded by vast and un-spoilt natural beauty and scenery, is one of the major tourism attractions, and a must visit location. Surrounded by grassland and bush, it supports a large and varied wildlife and, together with the vast shifting sand dunes of the Namib Desert that spread inland for approximately 80 to 130 kilometers, it also provides a life-changing experience. No wonder, the country is also passionately referred to as “the Gem of Africa”

The Business Sector

For business, I wish you to take advantage of the excellent opportunities on offer. With an established world-class and friendly business environment, the Government of the Republic of Namibia has put forth a highly competitive incentive and fiscal regime, such as the “Foreign Investment Act”, which makes provision for a “Status of investments Certificate”. In addition, the Act also makes provision for “Special Incentives for Manufacturers and Exporters in the various Export Processing Zones”.

Connectivity to the World and SADC Countries

Namibia has one of the best social and economic infrastructures in the region, including an excellent road network, reliable communication facilities and state-of-the-art information and technology infrastructures, complemented by continuous modern upgrades and development. Namibia has a stable foreign exchange reserve, further enhanced by a low inflation rate, year-on-year.
I would, therefore like to welcome all prospective investors, including the Small, Medium and Micro-Enterprises, including our valued prospective tourists, to visit our website and familiarize yourself with what the Republic of Namibia has offer for you. It is our uncompromised commitment to be at your service.
As you visit our website, rest assure, you will truly discover Namibia – the land of the brave, stunning land of contrast and I repeat, passionately referred to as “the Gem of Africa”.
On behalf of the Staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Namibia to the Federative Republic of Brazil and South America, I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for visiting our website and for the interest shown in doing business with Namibia.
Last, but not least, please do not hesitate to call/visit the Embassy of Namibia or the Honorary Consulate in the city of São Paulo, where you will meet a staff component, readily happy to assist you.